Among Us is being turned into an animated series

Here’s the general idea of what you can expect from the show, from Variety — it sounds like, well, an adaptation of the video game:

Per the official logline, the series is based on the premise of the game, namely, “Members of your crew have been replaced by an alien shapeshifter intent on causing confusion, sabotaging the ship, and killing everyone. Root out the ‘Impostor’ or fall victim to its murderous designs.”

I don’t quite know how that will work in practice — is one of the Among Us beans going to be a main character? What is their name? Am I going to get too attached before they are ruthlessly killed by the impostor? — but given the lighthearted nature of the video game, I suspect the show will have some fun with its ideas.

Titmouse, which does animation for shows like Big Mouth and Star Trek: Lower Decks, will be animating the show, Variety says. And the network or streaming service the show will appear on hasn’t been decided yet, but the conversations are apparently “said to be ongoing.” Owen Dennis, the creator of Infinity Train, will head up the show as creator and executive producer, game developer Innersloth says in an announcement on its website.