Apple’s new VR headset will feature over 100 Apple Arcade games at launch

The rumors of Apple breaking into the mixed reality headset space are now a reality with the Apple Vision Pro. During 2023’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced that, in addition to offering functions like VR FaceTime and watching movies in living room-K on “a screen that feels 100 feet wide,” the new face-mounted spatial computer will also be a gaming platform featuring titles from Apple Arcade.

At launch, over 100 Apple Arcade games will be available on the Vision Pro. The presentation didn’t highlight any existing VR games specifically or mention if any of the games featured had been updated for a VR experience. But users will be able to play games like NBA 2K23 on the Vision Pro using controllers ostensibly connected to whatever Apple device is running the game — a slightly more believable premise with the addition of “Game mode” to macOS Sonoma and a push to help developers port their titles to Apple’s platforms.

Additionally, Disney Plus streaming will be also available when the $3,499 Vision Pro launches early next year in the US. In the presentation, Disney shows and movies seem like they’ll be augmented with extra information, kinda like the X-Ray feature on Amazon Prime.

Gaming didn’t feature too prominently during the main showcase or during the Vision Pro presentation. But with the news that Hideo Kojima is bringing Death Stranding Director’s Cut to Mac and Vision Pro’s support of Apple Arcade games, it seems like at least enthusiasts will be able to experience Death Stranding in the most unique way possible.