Google Chrome on iOS will let you search with just your camera soon

Google is adding some more features to its Chrome iOS browser to tempt iPhone users away from Safari. Chrome on iOS is getting built-in Google Lens support soon, which will allow Chrome users to search for anything they see using just their camera. Translations are also being improved, alongside better calendar entry support and a new mini Google Maps view.

The Google Lens support will make searching for objects like plants and clothing a lot easier in Chrome. Currently, you have to use the separate Google app to get access to Lens, but Google is adding this same feature into Chrome in the coming months so you can use existing or new photos to search from the Lens icon in the Chrome address bar on iOS devices.

Google Lens in Chrome on iOS.Image: Google

Other Chrome on iOS improvements are available immediately, though. Google has improved its translations support to allow Chrome on iOS users to translate a portion of a page by selecting text and picking the Google Translate option. It will be useful for pages that use a mix of languages, as Chrome — and even Safari — can already offer to translate full pages.

Chrome on iOS users are also getting better calendar entry support. You can create Google Calendar events within Chrome without having to switch to the Calendar app or manually input dates. Pressing and holding dates within a website will now include an option to add to Google Calendar, which automatically populates with time and location information.

The new mini Google Maps view in Chrome on iOS.Image: Google

Finally, Google is also improving its mapping support in Chrome on iOS. You’ll soon be able to simply press and hold on an address to see a mini Google Maps view within Chrome. This will be super useful for websites that don’t link out to Google Maps so you don’t have to manually copy and paste the address into a maps app.