Mac Pro with M2 Ultra first look: boy, that’s a big chip

Apple just announced a new Mac Pro, and we’ve just gotten our first photos of it. It doesn’t look too different — the 2019 cheese grater design is still here — but it has a big ol’ M2 Ultra chip on the inside.

Check out the photos in the gallery below. (One interesting tidbit: Apple took the heatsink off the chip!)

The upgraded Mac Studio is also available with the M2 Ultra chip, but the Mac Pro offers expandability options that aren’t available with the Studio. The Mac Pro has six PCIe Gen 4 slots — slot six is a compatibility slot. The new Mac Pro has a lot of ports, too, including eight Thunderbolt ports (six in the back and two on top), two USB-A ports, an SD card slot in the front, two 10GB ethernet ports, two HDMI ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.