Marvel Snap adds a competitive ladder with new Conquest mode

Marvel Snap is one of the best collectible card games this side of vanilla Hearthstone, and it’s getting a new feature players have been asking for since the release of Battle Mode. During Summer Game Fest, Marvel Snap frontman Ben Brode announced the all-new Conquest mode would be launching on June 13th.

“For our most competitive, high-skilled players, we wanted to give them the ultimate challenge with Conquest,” he said in a press release. “Players can now find out who truly is the best of the best and worthy of ultimate Marvel Snap glory!”

Conquest mode is kind of like a competitive ladder standard in other digital card games, and it makes use of Snap’s Battle Mode game format. Players start at the lowest tier, called the Proving Grounds. Wins at that level earn players a “silver ticket” they can use to enter the silver tier. Wins at the silver level unlock a gold ticket and so forth until you hit infinite. A single loss will end a player’s climb, requiring a new ticket that can be either earned or purchased with Snap’s premium gold currency. It’s not quite a standard competitive ladder, as losses bust you back down to square one, but the higher you get, the more wins are required to advance to the next tier, and each win awards “medals” that can be used to purchase goodies in a special shop. Even better, participation in Conquest mode doesn’t impact your overall season rank, so you can use it to test out new decks worry-free — something the Snap community has long asked for.