Some other ideas for bundling with Amazon Prime

More bang for your buck! | Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

Right, so Amazon is reportedly in talks to bundle free or reduced-cost mobile service with its Prime subscription. I figure as long as we’re talking about making Prime more useful, I might as well contribute!

Here are my ideas:

Buy Kindle books on the iPhone. Amazon pays Apple the digital fee on your behalf.

Veto power. If Amazon decides not to renew a show, a critical mass of Prime subscribers can overrule the decision.

Secret Santa. Amazon sends Prime subscribers a random overstocked item from its warehouse. It’s usually a tangled clump of cords.

Layoff participation. Every time Amazon does a layoff, Prime subscribers get to vote on who in the C-suite is also out.

VIP section at Whole Foods and One Medical. Serves champagne.

Skydiving trip. Yearly. Can be substituted for a discount on a Blue Origin flight.

Hologram of a loved one. For an extra fee, you can boss it around just like Alexa.

Screen-printed art of your order history. Andy Warhol-style. Can be delivered as an NFT on request.

Privacy Plus. No Amazon employee will snoop on your Ring or Alexa data.

Birthday card from Jeff Bezos. Or his robot butler.