There’s a lot of sci-fi streaming this summer

It’s already been a pretty eventful summer for science fiction fans. Last week saw the finale of Apple’s post-apocalyptic series Silo, Strange New Worlds season 2 is keeping Star Trek going through August, and Disney Plus is still in the midst of Secret Invasion, its alien conspiracy offshoot of the MCU. Oh, and there’s the return of Black Mirror. On top of all of that, there are also a number of series making their debut in the coming weeks and months — so many, in fact, that you might need a little help plotting out your precious free time. So here’s a handy list to make life a little easier.

The return of Futurama has been a long time coming, but the 10 episode season is finally premiering later this month. It may technically be a show about the future, but as always, it looks like the show will be primarily exploring modern day issues through a retrofuturistic lens. New episodes will be hitting Hulu on Mondays.

The latest Star Wars spinoff puts the focus on Rosario Dawson’s former Jedi Knight, who viewers might remember from The Mandalorian, where she had the important task of revealing Grogu’s name. She returns for the new show, which follows the character “as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.” It debuts on August 23rd with new episodes on Wednesdays.

OK, calling this summer is a stretch, but here on the east coast it can still be pretty muggy in October, so I’m counting it. We don’t know much about season 2, but the original run of Loki helped kick off the MCU diving headfirst into the multiverse, so it’ll likely get pretty weird. It starts streaming on October 6th, presumably meaning new episodes will drop on Fridays.