Twitch’s new Partner Plus tier outlines what it takes to get a higher revenue sharing split

Twitch is introducing a new “Partner Plus” program that will give streamers an increased 70 percent of the share of their subscription revenues, with Twitch taking the other 30 percent, the company announced on Thursday. Most partnered streamers receive 50 percent of their subscription revenues, though Twitch had negotiated 70 / 30 deals with some of the platform’s biggest streamers until recently.

Streamers will need to keep a sub count of at least 350 “recurring paid subscriptions for three consecutive months” to qualify for the program, Twitch’s chief monetization officer Mike Minton and chief content officer Laura Lee said in the company’s blog post. Once you meet that benchmark, the execs say you’ll be automatically enrolled for the next 12 months, “even if you dip below the subscription threshold during the 12-month period.” (Free subscriptions given to Amazon Prime members do not count toward qualifying for the Partner Plus tier, according to an FAQ.) After you earn $100,000 in subscription revenues, your split will be reduced to the standard 50 / 50.

The program is set to launch on October 1st, and if you meet the criteria in July, August, and September, you’ll be enrolled in October.